new posting in the last day of ramadhan

tomorrow is the last day in ramadhan..

the holy month will be end soon..

i hope all things that i have did in this month won’t be useless..

and i hope we could be better next time..

hope we can be a real moslem…

and in this last day in ramadhan i would say something that may be usually says by all moslem people n this world..

i wanna say..

taqobballalahu minna wa minkum minnal aidzin walfaidzin..
mohon maaf lahir dan batin

ルバラン おめでとう

minna please forgive all mistake that i’ve did to you..


happy idul fitri 1430 H/ 2009 M


talking about frienship and life..

without friendship, life is nothing…

but, that’s what friend are for if we couldn’t lve anymore..

life and friendship..

they have a nearest relation with us..

how could i live without friend??

how could the friendship going on if there’s no life?

should i better to die??

or still try to live, whatever happened to me??

Hello world!

moshi-moshi minna san…

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